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This is the official publication of TESOL Arabia. It is published three (3) times per year (in November, January, and June) and is sent to all members of TESOL Arabia.

General Editorial Policies

Perspectives is an official refereed publication of TESOL Arabia designed to meet the organization’s professional objectives by publishing articles that discuss the teaching and learning of English as an additional language at all levels and with a particular focus on the region (N. Africa, Middle East, the Gulf, and South Asia). We invite previously unpublished manuscripts that address the diversified topics that make up our profession, including, but not limited to, methodology, pedagogy, curriculum and materials development, assessment, classroom inquiry and research, teacher education, and language and culture.

Submission Categories & Guidelines

Feature Articles

Generally between 2000 – 4000 words in length, feature articles should address educational issues (theory and practice) relevant to the membership. The articles can document a critical survey of a particular aspect of the field, detail and analyze pedagogical issues, describe and discuss research findings, or highlight contextual factors and their implication on educational practice. All submissions should be thought through, organized, and clearly written; please follow the APA style format for referencing. All feature articles will go through a review process where the reviewers consider how well each article:

  • discusses issues that seek to inform practice
  • contributes to the knowledge base for teaching and teacher education in general and in the region in particular
  • addresses educational issues and needs of ELT in the region
  • identifies a educational research agenda

Material Reviews

Reviews should evaluate any recent textbook, resource book, CD/DVD, and audio or video title. Reviews should be 500-1000 words in length and evaluate materials for their approach, content, appropriateness, adaptability, and relevancy. For more information, or to submit a review, please contact Paul Dessoir, the Reviews Editor, at .

Emerging Technologies

This section will document short articles of about 500-1000 words that provide overviews of educational technologies, their utilities and incorporation into practice. These could include software, hardware, and web-based resources.


This section will feature conference and country reports. Reports will range between 250-1000 words. Conference reports should provide the readers with a good overview of the conference in question as well as some personal insights of how it impacted the author. Country reports can provide a glimpse of professional activities, concerns, and projects in the region.

Reader’s Response

Reader’s Response gives the readers a forum to respond to articles published in previous issues. Responses should focus on the content of an article and provide reasoned feedback. Responses should be between 500-1000 words.

Lesson Ideas

Do you have a great lesson idea or an activity that others should know about? Lesson Ideas offers teachers an opportunity to share their activities in context. Submissions should be between 500-1000 words and detail the activity as well as provide a context for usage.

Notes to Contributors

All materials submitted become the property of TESOL Arabia. The editors reserve the right to make editorial changes to better suit the format and readership. If substantial changes are required, the editors will consult the author(s). Please remember to include a brief biographical statement (50-75 words maximum) with your submission.

Editorial Viewpoint

The views expressed in the newsletter are those of the individual authors of each article. These views are not necessarily shared by the editors, the other authors or other TESOL Arabia members. Responsibility for the contents of articles and advertisements rests entirely with the authors.

Submission Address

Send your submissions to:

Julie Riddlebarger and Suhair Al Alami, Perspectives Co-Editors



August 15 for October issue

December 15 for February issue

April 15 for June issue


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