Ajman: YL SIG Conference on Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

The Young Learners Special Interest TESOL Arabia Group hosted their first event at the Ramada Hotel and Suites (Black Ramada) in Ajman. Although the conference was geared towards young learners, some tertiary educators participated as well. Firstly, the group members were introduced to the audience. Secondly, the vision and mission statements were discussed.

TESOL ARABIA YOUNG LEARNERS group strives for inclusive, relevant, and realistic opportunities of growth, training, and collaboration for educators.

Our mission is to increase the professional learning network opportunities for global educators of young learners across all subject areas.

Next, there was a short presentation by Helene about TESOL Arabia for the newcomers, especially for the Math and Science teachers. Mr. Ghazi spoke a little bit about TOASTMASTERS.

There were presentations and round-table discussions about differentiation, critical thinking, having the students teach the lessons, problem solving, technology, real-life challenges, student rapport, the flipped classroom, 21st century skills and high expectations for students, creativity, wait-time, and students’ point of view of what a student-centered classroom means to them.

English, Math, and Science teachers realized that no matter what the subject area being taught is, all of them teach with the same goals in mind and through similar/identical ways.

Educators felt comfortable to share and supported in the forum. It was an exciting conference where teachers from all subject areas and age groups shared their strategies, feelings, and ideas.

The refreshments and buffet lunch were fresh and delicious. There was even a food critic in the group and she was pleasantly surprised!

All in all, thank God it was a successful and enjoyable day. The next event is scheduled for the beginning of October, 2017.

A report by Shannie Rautu