YL SIG Team Leaders

Shannie Rautu


Institute of Applied Technology

Ajman, UAE

E-mail: shannie.rautu@tesolarabia.org

Mobile: (056) 333-4427

Marie O'Brien Al Sawaya


Institute of Applied Technology

Ajman, UAE

E-mail: marie.alsawaya@tesolarabia.org

Mobile: (050) 636-1490

Eliza Kirkpatrick


Institute of Applied Technology

Ajman, UAE

E-mail: eliza.kirkpatrick@tesolarabia.org

December 18, 2016

Dear Amazing Educators,

My name is Shannie Rautu, part of the English department at the Ajman Girls’ campus, and I am (and have always been) extremely focused on professional development. Recently, I attended the TESOL Arabia workshop at the Abu Dhabi campus of IAT.

The head of TESOL Arabia Special Interest Groups expressed the need for a TESOL Arabia Special Interest Group for Young Learners (Ages 6-16).

I applied and was accepted. I kidnapped Eliza and Marie to join my group! We are responsible for facilitating three (3) professional development workshops per year.

Contact any of us for your ideas, papers, and professional development workshop ideas. The major theme will be “Student-Centered Classrooms: Stands the Test of Time!”. Please email one of us with your ideas. Speak to your friends in other schools about their needs.

One of my personal goals, is to offer special workshops for the Science and Math fields, as related to TESOL and the UAE. Very often, Math and Science is ignored. This won’t happen during our sessions! The following are some possible topic ideas:

  1. Flipped Classroom
  2. STEM
  3. Project based learning
  4. Latest in technology for learning apps
  5. Academic vocabulary/blended learning
  6. IELTS writing task teaching
  7. Guided discovery and self-learning
  8. 21st Century Learning (includes life-long learning/metacognition/personalized learning/new learning spaces
  9. Markerspace
  10. Grit/Looping
  11. Lesson Plan Observation Success: How to include everything in 40  minutes!
  12. Competency-Based Education
  13. Enrichment
  14. Experiential Learning (Without Walls)
  15. Guided Reading
  16. Brain Breaks (Brain Gym)
  17. Six Traits of Writing
  18. Democratic Classrooms

We will hold our first event at the end of January or the beginning of February, on a Saturday, from 8:30-2, at a venue in Ajman, later to be agreed upon. This is the first draft plan of that day, God willing:

8:30-2pm on a Saturday

8:30-9am Registration for Certificates and Coffee/Snacks (served throughout)

2 sessions and the participants will choose one session to go to

9-10:15 Session 1

10-15-10:30 Coffee break 2

10:30-11:45 Session 2

11:45-12:00 Coffee break 3

12:00-1:15 Session 3

1:15-1:40 Closing/summary/presenter evaluations and surveys/suggestions for upcoming events

1:40-2 Certificate presentations/photographs are taken for the participants who want to/any TESOL Arabia important announcements/upcoming events

Everyone will receive a CERTIFICATE, similar to the one attached that I received.

We always accomplish amazing goals for students, so why not spread the wealth and pride? Positivity is a constructive and contagious energy that encourages excellence! Let’s celebrate and focus on our professional development and filter out the negativity and stress.


Shannie Rautu


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