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TTD SIG is a way of bringing together both experienced and less experienced professionals working in teacher training and development who can pool their resources, knowledge, experience and share in a systematic and organized way. The TTD SIG aims to be an established and well-respected forum for sharing and working together in the field of training and development.

SIG Aims

  • To emphasize the concept of professionalism in relation to English language Teacher Training
  • To promote Teacher Training and Development (TTD) activities among educational institutions in the TESOL Arabia area
  • To create a community of professionals involved in TTD
  • To carry out TTD activities such as min-conferences, workshops, seminars on a variety of topics
  • To carry out a needs analysis amongst TESOL Arabia members in terms of TTD
  • To establish a culture of TTD amongst educational institutions in the TESOL Arabia area

TTD SIG Team Leaders

Sabina Ashraf

Teresa Murphy


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Upcoming TTD SIG Events


Abu Dhabi: The 3rd TESOL Arabia Annual SIG Conference

As we come to a close on this academic year we need to take time to reflect on what has been a hive of activity for all TESOL Arabia SIGs who have dedicated their time and expertise to provide a wide variety of professional development opportunities for the diverse...

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Dubai: 2nd TESOL Arabia SIG Conference: New Beginnings

On October 2nd the 2nd TESOL Arabia SIG Conference was hosted at Middlesex University Dubai. The theme was New Beginnings to reflect that this was the first combined event of the year for the SIGs. The event gave the 9 SIGs (special interest groups) of TESOL Arabia a...

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Dubai: TESOL Arabia SIGs & T-PLUS Joint Conference

The first TESOL Arabia and T-PLUS, Turkey, joint conference took place on 1-2 May 2015 at HCT - Dubai Men's College. > CONFERENCE...

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