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The mission of the READ WRITE SIG is to create a culture of reading and writing among all members of society, and to promote and foster the joy of reading and writing in students, parents and teachers.   We strive to identify areas where there is a lack of reading and writing or interest in reading and writing, investigate the reasons for it, and work on a course of action to help change those reading and writing habits.  We want to share our personal and professional experiences in encouraging children, young people,and adults to be avid readers and writers.  This includes opportunities to be involved in community events that promote Reading and Writing in the region such as the Emirates Festival of Literature, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, and the Sharjah International Book fair, as well as educational conferences on teaching Reading and Writing.  Lastly, we want to support teachers that are motivated to improve the teaching of Reading and Writing in their classrooms.

Areas of interest to the READ WRITE SIG:

• best practices in the teaching and assessment of reading and writing

• digital storytelling and digital literacy

• creating book clubs and writing clubs

• bringing research on reading and writing into the ESL/EFL classroom

• promoting reading and writing in the Gulf region


Bridie Farah


Rabdan Academy

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Helene Demirci


HCT – Abu Dhabi Men’s College

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Melanie Gobert


HCT – Abu Dhabi Men’s College

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Upcoming READ/WRITE SIG Events


READ SIG: 2016 is the UAE Reading Year

2016 is the UAE Reading Year The UAE cabinet recently declared that 2016 be the year of reading to encourage and promote reading in people of all ages. In line with this initiative the TESOL Arabia READ SIG is pleased to announce a mini-conference to be held in...

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Dubai: 2nd TESOL Arabia SIG Conference: New Beginnings

On October 2nd the 2nd TESOL Arabia SIG Conference was hosted at Middlesex University Dubai. The theme was New Beginnings to reflect that this was the first combined event of the year for the SIGs. The event gave the 9 SIGs (special interest groups) of TESOL Arabia a...

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New TESOL Arabia READ SIG Team

The TESOL Arabia READ SIG has a new team comprising Bridie Farah, SIG Chair, of Masdar Institute, located in Abu Dhabi,  Helene Demirci, SIG Treasurer,  Abu Dhabi Men’s College, and Melanie Gobert, SIG Secretary, Abu Dhabi Men’s College. We are very excited about...

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Dubai: TESOL Arabia SIGs & T-PLUS Joint Conference

The first TESOL Arabia and T-PLUS, Turkey, joint conference took place on 1-2 May 2015 at HCT - Dubai Men's College. > CONFERENCE PROGRAM < For more photos, visit TESOL Arabia Facebook page...

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