SIG Objectives

  • to provide a channel for SIG-related information
  • to facilitate networking, discussion and the exchange of ideas between members
  • to encourage research and professional development in the SIG specialist areas
  • to organize varied events to cater to membership needs and interests

What do SIGs do?

TESOL Arabia Special Interest Groups (SIGs) cater to and promote current and anticipated specialized interests, issues and trends within their field and membership by providing coordination and leadership for interested members, and organizing varied events and opportunities for collaboration, involvement and engagement by diverse modes and approaches within their specialist area.

Who are the SIG leaders?

SIG Leaders are enthusiastic volunteers looking to share their knowledge, grow within their field, learn new skills, initiate professional development opportunities and develop their area of interest. Roles include: editor, organizer, webmaster, online facilitator, treasurer and administrator. Contact the SIGs or the SIG Coordinator to find out more!

SIG Membership

TESOL Arabia members can join 2 SIGs, but they are welcome to attend the events organized by any SIG free of charge, as well as participating in all SIG activities online. Contact the SIG Leaders for more information.

SIG Events

SIG events take place regularly across the UAE and may often be organized jointly with Chapters. Events include workshops, presentations, training courses, hands-on computer training, visits and tours, panel discussions and conferences such as CTELT.

SIGs at the TESOL Arabia Annual Conference

At the TESOL Arabia Annual International Conference, SIGs give sessions on their specialization, participate in related professional development courses and may host an invited expert to speak on their theme. They may also organize a meeting of their members or a session to promote their theme.

SIG Publications

Some SIGs are also active in the realm of publications, ranging from online newsletters to magazines, edited volumes of research and CTELT Conference Proceedings.

SIGs Online

SIGs often offer online activities in the form of discussion groups, collaborative wikis, nings, synchronous events and websites. Check the individual SIG pages for details and links.

SIGs Abroad and Outreach

SIG teams not only connect with TESOL Arabia’s overseas members, they also establish international networks for the further exchange of expertise and innovations, often linking up with experts in their field worldwide. SIG representatives present overseas, and collaborate with similar organizations elsewhere in the world on joint ventures. Some SIGs also actively seek out opportunities to undertake volunteer training initiatives abroad.

Don’t delay, get involved today!

Share your ideas!

SIG leaders always welcome new ideas and initiatives, so please contact them directly with suggestions and support, and check individual SIG portal pages to find out more about current activities.







Start a SIG!

If you feel a new SIG theme would be appropriate for the members of TESOL Arabia and would like to create a new SIG, contact the TESOL Arabia SIGs Coordinator and download the information pack

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