TESOL Arabia Research Grants

This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who want to conduct research into issues or problems pertinent to the TESOL Arabia membership and generate new knowledge about English teaching and learning in the Arabian Gulf.

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TESOL Arabia Research Grant (TARG) Guidelines

1. Overview

TESOL Arabia provides limited financial support for small-scale research projects conducted by active TESOL Arabia members who are engaged in research on issues pertinent to the TESOL Arabia membership.

The grant is administered by the TESOL Arabia Research Grant Committee which is composed of the Publications Coordinator (Committee Chair), the Vice-President, the Proposals Chair, and three ordinary members of TESOL Arabia in good standing appointed by the Chair. This committee deals with all applications, but reserves the right to send a proposal out for external review.

2. Current Limitations and Constraints

Given funding limits, the following constraints are necessary:

a)    Financial support from the TARG will usually be modest and partial. TESOL Arabia expects that applicants will apply for other sources of funding and/or use their own resources. This means that more members can benefit from partial financial assistance.

b)    There is no absolute entitlement to money in any given year and when funds are depleted no further applications will be considered.

c)     Applicants can only receive one TARG per budget year. The budget year runs from 1 August to 30 June.

d)    No TARG can exceed AED 2,000 in any given year.

3. Eligibility

All current members of TESOL Arabia who have been members for at least one full calendar year are eligible to apply for funding. Current members of TESOL Arabia who have been members for less than one full calendar year are not eligible to apply for funding. Members may apply jointly or as individuals.

4. Applying for a Research Grant

a)    Applicants are requested to submit an online application including the following information:

  • Title of Project
  • Name/s and affiliation (institution) of applicants
  • Contact information – email and telephone number
  • TESOL Arabia membership number/s
  • Project summary/outline/ proposal (150-200 words)
  • Proposed Timetable (How long the project is going to last – approximately?)
  • Plans for dissemination of results (journal article, Perspectives contribution, book chapter, etc.)
  • Brief biography of applicant/s (50-100 words)
  • Reason for applying for TARG (i.e., what will the money be spent on? Fees, research assistant, transport, printing costs, etc. Please be specific here: general expenses will most likely not receive a grant.)
  • Applicants must supply information about any other funds they are receiving as well as report any previous TESOL Arabia grants (travel, TARG, etc.) received

b)     Questions regarding applications should be directed to the Chair of the TARG Committee at: publicationscoordinator@tesolarabia.org

5. Criteria for Awarding the Research Grant

Funding is evaluated and awards made based on the following factors:

a)    The relevance of the research to the TESOL Arabia membership: Preference will be given to projects that have implications for English language teaching, learning and assessment practices in the Gulf.

b)    Whether the applicant has previously received money from TESOL Arabia in the form of a grant.

c)     The quality of the proposal.

d)    The applicant’s length of membership.

In all cases, decisions made by the TARG Committee are final and no correspondence regarding decisions reached will be entered into.

6. Responsibilities of the Grantee

Grantees will submit a report/feature to Perspectives magazine recognizing receipt of the grant and outlining the research project and how the TARG was used (400 words). Alternatively, grantees may present on their project at the TESOL Arabia conference and/or at local TESOL Arabia events and submit evidence of presentation to the Chair of the TARG Committee.

International Travel Grants

This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who want to attend a conference outside the UAE (e.g. TESOL International).

Professional Development Course Grants

This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who want to enroll in a professional development course of study.

 Travel-In Grants


This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who are accepted to present at the TESOL Arabia annual conference and live outside the UAE. The online application form for TACON 2016 will open on December 15th, 2015.

Affiliate Conference Grants

TESOL Arabia has recently become affiliated with several regional organizations to further our goal of providing our members with the best professional development opportunities.

TESOL International Membership Grants

Each year, TESOL Arabia receives seven complimentary memberships from TESOL International to first-time applicants who are not members of TESOL International as part of the affiliation agreement between TESOL Arabia and TESOL International.

Research Grants Online Application

If you have trouble with the online grant application forms, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@tesolarabia.org.
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