Travel-In Grants

MENA Scholarship Grants to Attend TACON 2018

TESOL Arabia Travel-In Grants


If you are from one of the MENA area states, excluding GCC countries*, TESOL Arabia offers five fully paid scholarships to attend the 24th Annual TESOL Arabia International Conference and Exhibition on March 8-10, 2018.

* Eligible MENA countries: Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen

TESOL Arabia MENA Scholarship TACON Grants Guidelines

1. Overview

The Annual TESOL Arabia International Conference provides limited financial support to help individual eligible TESOL Arabia members attend the Annual International Conference in the UAE. The grant is administered by the Travel Grant Committee which is composed of the Conference Chair, who acts as the Committee Chair, the Proposals Chair, and three ordinary members of TESOL Arabia in good standing appointed at the discretion of the Chair. This Committee will field all applications.

2. Current Limitations and Constraints

Given funding limitations, the following constraints are necessary:

a) Financial support available through the MENA Scholarship TACON Grant is currently up to the lowest possible cost covering travel and hotel expenses for five nominees from the MENA region countries.

b) There is no absolute entitlement to money in any given year and when the funds are depleted no further applications will be accepted.

3. Eligibility

All current members of TESOL Arabia resident in the eligible MENA region countries* who have had a paper accepted for the Annual International Conference are eligible to apply for funding.

4. Applying for a MENA Scholarship TACON Grant

a) Applicants are requested to complete the online application in full. This will automatically be sent to the Chair of the Travel Grant Committee when it is submitted.

b) The deadline for applications is 15th January for that year’s conference.

5. Criteria for Awarding the MENA Scholarship TACON Grant

Funding is evaluated and awards made based on the following criteria:

a) the rating given the applicant’s proposal by the Proposals Committee

b) the applicant’s number of years membership of TESOL Arabia

c) whether the applicant has previously received money from TESOL Arabia in the form of a PDC Grant, a Dr. Lisa Barlow Memorial Travel Grant or a TESOL Arabia Travel Grant.

In all cases, decisions made by the Committee are final and no correspondence regarding decisions reached will be entered into.

6. Payment of the MENA Scholarship TACON Grant

All grants will cover the travel and hotel expenses from a MENA region country to TACON venue in the United Arab Emirates.

 TACON 2017 MENA Scholarship Grant Nominees

Sami Al-Hasnawi Iraq
Samira Chaibeddra Algeria
Kaouther Ferjani Tunisia
Nagwa Kassabgy Egypt
Rabia Zouaghi Algeria

International Travel Grants

This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who want to attend a conference outside the UAE (e.g. TESOL International).

Professional Development Course Grants

This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who want to enroll in a professional development course of study.

Research Grants

This grant is available to TESOL Arabia members who want to conduct research into issues or problems pertinent to the TESOL Arabia membership and generate new knowledge about English teaching and learning in the Arabian Gulf.

Affiliate Conference Grants

TESOL Arabia has recently become affiliated with several regional organizations to further our goal of providing our members with the best professional development opportunities.

TESOL International Membership Grants

Each year, TESOL Arabia receives seven complimentary memberships from TESOL International to first-time applicants who are not members of TESOL International as part of the affiliation agreement between TESOL Arabia and TESOL International.

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