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Welcome to the Job Fair Area for Candidates

Below are the steps to be followed by candidates:

1. Register and pay for the TESOL Arabia Conference and Exhibition and also the Job Fair. This can be done online in advance before 15th February 2017, or on site in the conference registration area. All candidates who are interviewing during official Job Fair hours must be registered for both the conference and the Job Fair. The fee for the Job Fair is AED 200 (in addition the conference fees). Sign in for the Job Fair at the Job Fair area; please see number 3 below.

2. Come to the Job Fair with as many copies of your current CV/resume as the number of employers you might like to interview with. It is also a good idea to bring your CV/resume on a flash drive in case you decide to make some changes during the Conference.

3. After collecting your conference badge at the main registration area, sign in at the Job Fair desk in the Job Fair area. You will receive a Job Fair ID number and ID card with the number on it. The card must be shown when submitting resumes for employers to look over.

4. Read the job announcements posted around the Job Fair Area. For each job you would like to apply for, write your Job Fair ID number in the upper left corner of your resume/CV, and the appropriate job code in the upper right corner.

5. Submit these CVs/resumes to the Job Fair submissions desk in the Job Fair Area. You can also submit your CV/resume in advance through the Job Fair online portal. In case of any difficulties please e-mail: mms-support@tesolarabia.org

6. Check back periodically at the display area near the Job Fair desk to see the lists of candidates (Job Fair ID numbers) recruiters want to interview.

7. If your code number appears on a recruiter’s list, make an interview appointment at the Job Fair Desk.

8. The hours of the Job Fair are as follows: Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM; Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM; Saturday from 9 AM to 12 noon.

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NOTE: You must be registered for the conference as well as the job fair to attend an interview scheduled during TACON 2017 JOB FAIR.

Please make sure you present your e-receipt at the Job Fair Registration Desk.

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 Job Fair Inquiries: tesolarabia@icedxb.com or info@tesolarabia.org

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