Abu Dhabi: The 3rd TESOL Arabia Annual SIG Conference

As we come to a close on this academic year we need to take time to reflect on what has been a hive of activity for all TESOL Arabia SIGs who have dedicated their time and expertise to provide a wide variety of professional development opportunities for the diverse ELT communities we serve. The main … [Read more…]

TACON 2017 Symposium on Research on Reading in the Arab World – Call for Presenters

The symposium will take place on Friday, 10th March 2017 at the TESOL Arabia International Conference and Exhibition held March 9-11, 2017 and will include presentations related to research in reading in the Arab world. Proposals will be selected from those submitted to https://www.tesolarabia.co/conference/proposals/ by November 15th 2016. MENA Extensive Reading Foundation will sponsor successful … [Read more…]

NEW Joint TAE SIG / RES SIG Teams’ Self-Access PD Course Initiative

The TESOL Arabia Testing, Assessment and Evaluation SIG in collaboration with the Research SIG began a self-access course with 150+ English language teachers in Tunisia.  These teachers are part of our new The theme of the three-month self-access course is Alternatives in Language Assessment.  Self-access courses are a new initiative of the TAE SIG and … [Read more…]

Dubai: 2nd TESOL Arabia SIG Conference: New Beginnings

On October 2nd the 2nd TESOL Arabia SIG Conference was hosted at Middlesex University Dubai. The theme was New Beginnings to reflect that this was the first combined event of the year for the SIGs. The event gave the 9 SIGs (special interest groups) of TESOL Arabia a chance to showcase their activities by setting … [Read more…]

Dubai: TESOL Arabia SIGs & T-PLUS Joint Conference

The first TESOL Arabia and T-PLUS, Turkey, joint conference took place on 1-2 May 2015 at HCT – Dubai Men’s College. > CONFERENCE PROGRAM < For more photos, visit TESOL Arabia Facebook page 🙂

ABU DHABI Chapter / RES SIG / TTD SIG Joint Event: Tales from the Chalkface

This event, hosted by Abu Dhabi University, was the third PD session organized jointly by Abu Dhabi Chapter, RES SIG and TTD SIG. We had 11 speakers on the schedule. A wide variety of ELT issues were discussed, ranging from re-conceptualizing teacher professional development to leadership in education, to the concept of the “learning organization” and how it … [Read more…]